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Zerto: Intra-Cloud BC/DR


Zerto Virtual Replication —  Disaster Recovery for Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds. Zerto Virtual Replication enables production workloads to easily leverage the benefits of hybrid clouds, private clouds, and public clouds by automating the ongoing management and maintenance of customer environments. True cloud disaster recovery (DR) — with production workload mobility between private and public clouds — is now possible with ZVR. As disaster recovery services are an onramp for enterprises into the cloud, cloud DR is an essential piece of CSP service offerings, and is driving wider cloud adoption.


Features for Cloud Service Providers Looking to Offer Disaster Recovery:

  • Single automated solution that provides data protection and workload mobility both ‘to the cloud’ and ‘in the cloud’
  • Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) manages customer resources and service levels across physical locations and provides a single, centralized view.
  • Zerto Self-Service Portal (ZSSP) quickly integrates into existing CSP portals to speed the availability of DR services to customers with a 100% multi-tenant solution, so each customer controls only their own workloads
  • Service profiles (or SLA Templates) enable CSPs to define service offerings based on the recovery objectives of their customers
  • All the core technology and functionality (full list below) you need in a DR solution, including software-only, simple and fully virtual-aware disaster recovery




Cloud Based Disaster Recovery Features in Zerto Virtual Replication Include:

  • Multiple site support:   Zerto supports bi-directional replication across as many sites as the infrastructure requires.   Combining this feature with multi-tenancy delivers a true, cloud BCDR solution.
  • Native multi-tenant architecture:   With Zerto, replication from multiple sites to one shared infrastructure, without networking conflicts, is simple.   Additionally, manage the entire    environment with one management infrastructure — no duplicate entities are required — ensuring simplicity and flexibility.
  • Hardware-agnostic replications:   Zerto Virtual Replication is completely storage-agnostic and can replicate from any storage to any storage.   This enables enterprises and CSPs to deliver BC/DR at a dramatically reduced price.
  • Seamless integration with no environment changes:   Zerto is installed in two hours or less and does not require any configuration changes.
  • Centralized management:   Independent of how many sites the enterprise has or how many customers the CSP has, Zerto can leverage a shared infrastructure.   With Zerto, the CSP can report and act on all customer environment from a central console.
  • Offsite Backup:  ZVR uses information that is replicated for disaster recovery purposes and leverages it for backup. It moves backup operations from the production environment to the replication site, dramatically reducing the overhead on production workloads. ZVR also enables backup to public clouds and disk shares.
  • Deep VMware vCloud Director (vCD) integration:   Zerto Virtual Replication is integrated with vCD and has full awareness of vCD entities, including virtual data centers, vApps, networks, data store settings and more.   This integration enables and automates the protection, failover and failback of applications to and from vCD, all managed centrally.
  • Zerto is built for scale: Whether the environment has a few VMs or thousands, Zerto can scale to effectively support it.


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