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VMware NSX/Kubernetes and F5 – A Cloud Native App Integration

Have you ever thought of Docker/Container network integration with SDN Layer? The solution leveraging VMware NSX and F5 addresses many of the requirements of these emerging application architectures. The integration between these solutions provides customers many benefits, such as the ability to leverage and re-use existing investment in their load balancing resources, provides a solution to address the microsegmentation of microservices and container based applications, all while reducing the deployment time of applications and simplifying operations for application layer, security, and network availability services.



The software defined data center (SDDC) stack has been embraced for compute and storage functionalities, and for network virtualization. NSX has played a key role in redefining and modernizing networking in the data center. NSX subsequently has emerged as the industry leader in software-defined networking (SDN) by providing a network virtualization and security platform for the enterprise, which has enabled customers to make this transition to the digital era. IT receives infrastructure sounding goals and objectives like security of on-prem and cloud applications and data, speed of delivery, and application high availability, this network needs to be re-architected and thought about completely differently with NSX & Cloud Native Applications.



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