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VMware Cloud on AWS Cloud Migration Deep Dive

How many of VMware Administrators are involved in Cloud migration projects? Answer is sooner or later ALL the Administrators need to understand the Cloud migration plans & strategies. Many organizations struggle to efficiently migrate to the cloud because of challenges with learning and adopting new tools, skills, and processes. They also need to find a way to continue to leverage their existing IT investments. VMware Cloud on AWS is a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud service that can help your company overcome these challenges. It enables you to run business-critical applications — without having to re-architect or convert them — across VMware vSphere-based workloads either on-premises or on AWS. In this webinar, you will learn how VMware Cloud on AWS helps simplify and accelerate the migration process. Not only will you see demos of different cloud migration scenarios in action, but you will also hear about customers’ cloud migration experience with VMware Cloud on AWS.



Get Answers for below Questions

How VMware Cloud on AWS enables bi-directional migration at scale
What are different ways to migrate your workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS from your on-premises environment
How you can migrate applications with no re-architecture or conversions
How VMware Cloud on AWS seamlessly integrates with native AWS services
How off-the-shelf enterprise applications from Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP are supported by VMware Cloud on AWS


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