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VMware App Volumes 2.15 What’s New Overview

VMware App Volumes 2.15 is now available which include enhancements to user writable volumes features, and App Volumes is also now supported for Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware App Volumes provides a system to deliver applications to desktops through virtual disks. Applications are bundled in AppStacks and delivered by attaching a standard VMDK file to a virtual machine. You can centrally manage the applications with the App Volumes Manager and there is no need to modify the desktops or individual applications. Applications delivered using App Volumes look and feel natively installed and you can update or replace the applications in real time. All applications are provisioned during login time and App Volumes users have a persistent user experience wherein they can install their own applications and have them persist across sessions. App Volumes eases application management for administrators. No more packaging, modifying, or streaming applications. App Volumes allows administrators to dynamically deliver applications to end-users in seconds.



What’s New

Profile-only Template for Writable Volumes – The App Volumes agent now leverages a new dual-write capability to ensure support of AppStacks while retaining only the files related to the user’s profile. Also new with this feature is an ability to specific folders within the profile to be excluded, giving administrators additional controls to reduce files persisted to a user’s Writable Volume.

App Volumes on VMware Cloud on AWS – Using App Volumes 2.15 or later you can configure vSphere to work with VMware Cloud servers.

Microsoft OneDrive For Business Support – Improved support for Office 365 on non-persistent desktops using Writable Volumes to persist OneDrive’s local files across login sessions.

Box Drive Integration – Box Drive version 2.1.105 or later is now supported on App Volumes 2.15 using Writable Volumes to persist credentials and file cache.

Support for Microsoft Windows 10, version 1809 SAC and LTSC


App Volumes (formerly CloudVolumes) is a real-time application delivery system that enables IT to instantly deliver applications with complete application lifecycle management. App Volumes provides seamless end-user experience while reducing infrastructure and management costs. Unlike traditional application management solutions, App Volumes allows IT to deliver a stateless desktop without any trade-off between user experience and costs. This short video provides the highlights of the new features of App Volumes 2.15. It provides the overview and benefits of the key features of the release.



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