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VMware vSphere Platinum Edition “End to End Security with VMware”

Do you know there is a new edition from VMware called as vSphere Platinum that delivers advanced security capabilities fully integrated into the hypervisor?. This new release combines the industry-leading capabilities of vSphere with VMware AppDefense, delivering purpose-built VMs to secure applications. With these new capabilities, vSphere Platinum secures infrastructure and applications by leveraging the hypervisor and the power of machine learning in a way that is built-in, operationally simple, and with minimal overhead or impact on performance. vSphere Platinum allows the vSphere Admin to deliver secure infrastructure and applications by enabling virtual machines to run in a “known good” state. New threat vectors appear every day, and vSphere Platinum delivers new capabilities to address these in-guest threats. Included with vSphere Platinum, VMware AppDefense delivers key capabilities to protect applications running on vSphere.


AppDefense understands an application’s intended state and behavior, then monitors for changes to that intended state. Any change from this “known good” state would indicate a threat. This method enables the virtual machine to run in a “known good” state rather than trying to detect threats that may not fit a known signature. vSphere Platinum secures applications, infrastructure, data, and access with the combined capabilities of core vSphere and AppDefense. It enables a simple and powerful way to maintain existing workflows while supporting collaboration amongst vSphere Admins, and Security, Compliance and Application teams; making for less disruptive response and remediation in a security incident.



Benefits for vSphere Admins

Gain visibility into the intent of each virtual machine, and a detailed inventory of application assets and context.
Understand how applications behave and be alerted to potential issues and deviations.
Shrink the attack surface and reduce the risk of security compromise.
Establish a simple and powerful way to collaborate with security, compliance and application teams.
Get better visibility and protection with a simple, light-weight and scalable security solution, with no agents to manage, and minimal overhead.
Use what you already own, understand, and run in your data center – vSphere – with its unique visibility, automation and isolation qualities.
Play a larger and critical role in the security of your entire IT environment – Be the Security Hero!


Benefits for Security Teams

Better visibility and situational awareness of application behaviors, and virtual machine purpose.
Faster detection, analysis, and time to response – quickly understand attacks and make fast decisions using application context and scope.
Enhance existing security tools and support compliance efforts through contextual visibility and alerts into application communications and deviations.
Lower false positives – integrated behavioral analytics and machine learning offer a more precise method to identify and respond to threats.
Big data correlation for better identification and context using cloud SaaS model.
Security as an agile business enabler – support DevOps environment through continuous learning and protection.
Easily Coordinate with vSphere Admins and Application teams for better security while respecting existing workflows & maintaining separation of duties.


VMware industry-leading portfolio secures the digital workspace, IoT, networks, private and public clouds.


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