VMware Basics Part 1

What are the Product & Features of VMware vSphere 5.5? The VMware vSphere product suite is a comprehensive collection of products and features that together provide a full array of enterprise virtualization functionality. The vSphere product suite includes the following products and features: ◆ VMware ESXi ◆ VMware vCenter Server ◆ vSphere Update Manager ◆…

vSphere storage

Storage Implementation in vSphere 5.0 by Mostafa Khalil

Effective VMware virtualization storage planning and management has become crucial–but it can be extremely complex. Now, the leading VMware expert on storage completely demystifies the “black box” of vSphere storage and provides illustrated, step-by-step procedures for performing every key task associated with it. You’ll gain the deep understanding you need to make better storage decisions,…


VMware Default Username and Passwords

    vSphere Data Recovery Appliance username = root password = vmw@re   vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) username: vi-admin password: <defined during configuration>   Horizon Application Manager http://IPorDNS/SAAS/login/0 http://IPorDNS   Horizon Connector https://IPorDNS:8443/   vCenter Appliance Configuration https://IPorDNS_of_Server:5480 username: root password: vmware   vCenter Application Discovery Manager http://IPorDNS username: root password: 123456 default ADM management…