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VMware Certification Roadmap for 2015

The new VMware Certification roadmap sets the standard for IT professionals and validates the critical skills organizations need to adopt and manage technology that drives desired business outcomes. VMware’s updated certifications offer more options when choosing levels and technology areas, along with:

  • Increased flexibility and career growth
  • Advanced credibility with employers, colleagues and clients
  • Improved alignment of VMware training courses with certification requirements

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VMware Certified Associate (VCA) level

VCA certification provides greater credibility when discussing core IT topics like data center virtualization and cloud computing by validating your understanding of the business challenges and solutions. Enhancements to the VCA program include:

Increased technology and solution areas available
Certification requirements: Online exam


VMware Certified Professional (VCP) level

VCP is an industry-recognized and respected certification credential. The new VCP certifications have been designed to support and validate the knowledge and skills IT professionals must have to successfully administer integrated virtualization solutions in complex environments. Those who currently hold VCP Certification will have the option to migrate to the new version through a streamlined upgrade path. Additional enhancements include:

  • An online Foundation exam that covers the basics of virtualization and combines with elective exam to validate skills in a specific solution track
  • More classes, including advanced courses, will be offered that meet the ‘qualifying course’ required for certification
  • Elite status for candidates who complete multiple certifications at this level

Certification requirements: Qualifying course + Foundation exam + Solution track exam


VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX) level

Every implementation of a VMware product or solution is preceded by a design plan. VCIX focuses on the multi-faceted skills required for successful product-level design and deployment. The VCIX is an expert who possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to gather business requirements, create a comprehensive product-level design, and then successfully deploy the components of the design. The new VCIX credential includes two exam components to validate that the candidate has both the design and implementation skills required to successfully produce repeatable design and deployment results.

  • VCIX certification is comprised of two separate exams – one focused on Implementation and one focused on Design
  • The VCIX Design exam will be more broadly available through the larger PearsonVue testing center channel (PVTCs)
  • Elite Implementer status will be granted for candidates who complete multiple VCIX certifications


Certification requirements: VCP Certification + VCIX Design exam + VCIX Administration exam


VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) level

The highest level of certification offered by VMware, VCDX Certification allows candidates to validate enterprise-class skills in VMware Solution design and implementation. Certification is achieved through a unique process where candidates must submit and successfully defend a production-ready VMware Solution before a panel of veteran VCDX-holders. Program enhancements include:

  • VCDXs who want to earn multiple VCDX certifications only need to submit a new design that meets the certification requirement. No additional defense is required.
  • Elite status for candidates who complete multiple VCDX certifications

Certification requirements: VCIX Certification + Design Application + Design Defense





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