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Hybrid Cloud Manager Plugin for vSphere 6.0 to manage OnPrem and Air Workloads

A free, downloadable solution for vSphere Web Client called Hybrid Cloud Manager, with optional fee-based capabilities, will be available for vSphere 6.0. Management through a “Single pane of glass”. To say that finally VMware will be releasing a plugin which will allow you to mange On premise infrastructure & at the same time the vCloud Air workloads. It will be possible to migrate VMs to and from vCloud Air within a simple UI (image below).
Previous solution called vCloud Hybrid service has had that plugin already present in the vSphere client, but then with evolution of vCenter and renaming of the VCHS to vCloud Air, the solution did not make it to the vSphere 6. Interesting indeed how all this will be integrated together, and also integration of SRM 6.1 which plays significant role there as well.


We can perform below activities:

  • Migration of VMs between Cloud and OnPrem environments
  • Deploy vApp Templates from catalog
  • Sync on-premise library with vCA catalog
  • Support of vCA templates
  • Single content management across private and public cloud

Hybrid Cloud Manager will integrate directly with vSphere client allowing migration of VMs via:

  • vMotion– when fast networking available
  • Replication– using replication based migration, with scheduling possibilities.












Migration both ways will be supported


workload migrate options












Different possibilities when it comes to replication based migration, where the VMs will be migrated vSphere Replication (VR). Note the optimized switchover which will keep the downtime as low as possible
















As you can see on above screenshots, The Hybrid Cloud manager will bring tight integration beween On Prem and vCloud Air by using:

  • WAN optimization
  • Encrypted connectivity between the sites
  • L2 Networking extension
  • Intelligent Networking

Also Moving workloads between vCloud Air and on-premise environments will be very easy to do ( or to schedule).

Finally VMware with this integration is ironing some rough cuts from the vSphere 6.0 release which stayed as “work-in-progress” situation. It’s nice to see such a good looking screenshots willing to finally “embrace” the cloud, with hopefully simple solution to put in place.


Benefits of integration between vCloud Air?

  • Easy to migrate worklflows (test/dev)
  • Distribute single workload between on-premise and vCloud Air resources
  • Avoiding disaster by migrating VMs to vCA for business continuity




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