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Kubernetes – 3 Commonly Asked Questions

What are the major challenges to deploy Kubernetes (K8) in the production Infrastructure. K8 heavily depends on SDN (Software Defined Network) stack? Let’s hear answers from experts about K8 adoption and challenges.  VMware offers comprehensive cloud-native solutions across the stack from infrastructure to application to help enterprises build, run and manage modern applications with productivity, security, and efficiency. VMware PKS is a purpose-built product that enables enterprises and service providers to simplify the deployment and operations of Kubernetes clusters. It provides a production-grade Kubernetes distribution with deep NSX-T integration for advanced networking, a built-in private registry with enterprise security features and full lifecycle management support of the clusters.


VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS) is a jointly developed product offered by VMware and Pivotal. PKS delivers Kubernetes-based container services for multi-cloud enterprises and service providers. PKS enables organizations to deploy and operate containerized workloads by providing these capabilities.


High availability. PKS monitors and manages Kubernetes clusters from infrastructure to applications to ensure high availability.

Advanced container networking and security. PKS integrates with VMware NSX-T to provide pod-level container networking, load balancing, and security policies.

Instant provisioning. You can create Kubernetes clusters quickly and on-demand.

Multi-tenancy. You only access the Kubernetes containers you create.

Secure container registry. You can secure your container workload images by performing vulnerability scans, using image signing, and auditing images.

Persistent storage. You can deploy Kubernetes clusters for both stateless and stateful workloads.



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