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Pivotal Application Service with VMware NSX-T

VMware released version 2.1 of NSX-T and continues delivering on the announcements made at VMworld 2017 regarding PKS. I managed to create new logo for NSX-T to differentiate it from traditional VMware NSX (Green Logo). Pivotal Application Service with VMware NSX-T, This video demonstrates how NSX can provide networking and security directly to container endpoints in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) environments. This demo uses NSX-T 2.1 and PCF 2.0 Pivotal Application Service (PAS). PAS v2.0 adds support for VMware NSX-T networking. NSX is a networking solution for VMware that provides a firewall, load balancing, and NAT/SNAT services for PCF.


NSX-T is intended to work across multiple clouds and provide networking for container platforms. Previous versions of PAS supported NSX-V networking. To use NSX-T networking, you must install the NSX-T tile. As we are dealing with latest and greatest, it comes with some warnings 🙂

Information gathered from Pivotal documentation repository (public)


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