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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: VMware EVO:RAIL


VMware EVO:RAIL combines VMware compute, networking, and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance to create a simple, easy to deploy, all-in-one solution offered by Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners

It’s a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance which consists of EVO:RAIL Software bundle and 2U 4-Node hardware platform. It’s not VMware who provides the hardware, it’s a hardware partners who will provide a EVO:RAIL compatible hardware and VMware will provide the software appliance




Simplify VM Creation with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance:

The EVO:RAIL hyper-converged infrastructure appliance enables power-on to VM creation in minutes, radically easy VM deployment, easy non-disruptive patch and upgrades and simplified scale-out.

  • Power-on to VM creation in minutes:Select the guest OS, VM size, VLAN and security options. EVO:RAIL hyper-convergence simplifies virtual machine sizing by offering single-click small, medium and large configurations.
  • Simplified deployment, configuration and management:EVO:RAIL Configuration walks users through initial parameters, validates settings and then configures ESXi hosts, vCenter Server and Log Insight automatically. Global parameters such as passwords, NTP servers, logging and time zone are all set centrally and applied to all the ESXi hosts in the EVO:RAIL cluster.
  • Linear and Automated scale-out:Increase compute, networking and storage resources by powering up a new appliance to join an existing EVO:RAIL cluster. EVO:RAIL automatically distributes the configuration to seamlessly add new appliances with zero additional configuration.
  • Transform your physical desktops into secure virtual workspaces, cost-effectively:EVO:RAIL with Horizon lets you start small with as few as 25 users. You can deploy, manage and linearly scale your virtual workspaces as demand grows. EVO:RAIL with Horizon simplifies and streamlines the management of your desktop infrastructure. Best of all, your end users get predictable performance across devices and locations.


Software-Defined Building Block

IT consumption models have changed with cloud adoption and the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). IT needs to scale on demand and rapidly deploy new applications both on-site and remotely.

  • Next-generation building block:EVO:RAIL is a scalable software-defined infrastructure building block that delivers compute, networking, storage, and management to empower end-user computing, remote office and branch office environments, and small virtual private clouds.
  • Performance predictability:Consolidating compute, networking and storage resources into a single appliance ensures consistent performance and allows simplified, scalable virtualized infrastructure.


Trusted Foundation

EVO:RAIL delivers the first hyper converged infrastructure appliance 100% powered by VMware software.

  • Proven VMware SW stack fully loaded in EVO:RAIL:
    –   EVO:RAIL Deployment, Configuration and Management Engine
    –   vSphere Enterprise Plus
    –   vCenter Server
    –   VMware Virtual SAN
    –   vRealize Log Insight
  • Unified user experience:EVO:RAIL is optimized for the new VMware user as well as for experienced administrators. Minimal IT experience is required to deploy, configure and manage EVO:RAIL, allowing it to be used where there is limited or no IT staff on-site. Administrators can apply existing VMware knowledge, best practices and processes. EVO:RAIL leverages the same database as vCenter Server, so any changes in EVO:RAIL Configuration and Management are also reflected in vCenter Server and vice-versa.


Highly Resilient Hyper-Convergence

EVO:RAIL hyper-convergence integrates both software and hardware resiliency to ensure zero application downtime during planned maintenance or during disk, network or host failures.

  • High availability:EVO:RAIL leverages VMware vSphere HA, vMotion, DRS and Virtual SAN to ensure high availability at both the compute and storage layers.
  • No planned or unplanned downtime:Four independent ESXi hosts allow applications to non-disruptively move to another host during planned maintenance or failure. Only the dual, redundant power supplies are shared in the appliance. Each host has dual 10 GbE network connections for redundant network connectivity, providing high performance and resiliency.
  • Non-disruptive patches and updates:Hosts are automatically cycled into maintenance mode during patching or upgrading.


Faster Scaling with Lower CapEx and OpEx

Meet accelerating business demands by simplifying infrastructure design with predictable sizing and scaling, streamlining purchase and deployment with an all-in-one appliance and reducing CapEx and OpEx.

  • Easy to size and scale:Each appliance supports approximately 100 general purpose virtual machines or up to 250 Horizon View virtual desktops, allowing IT to leverage a pay-as-you-grow model. Scale out up to four appliances, for a total of 16 ESXi hosts and one Virtual SAN datastore, backed by a single vCenter Server and EVO:RAIL instance.
  • True appliance:EVO:RAIL is ready to be configured with networking details for rapid deployment, eliminating the need to piece a solution together, then validate and certify hardware configurations, loading software, and running scripts. A consistent experience that eliminates the variation and configuration drift associated with ordering traditional systems.
  • Lower CapEx:Rreduce capital expenditures through a server platform with server side storage that is optimized for the EVO:RAIL software stack, so you can pay as you grow.
  • Lower OpEx:Reduce IT operating costs with faster deployments, automatic scaling, and one click non-disruptive patch and upgrades of all VMware software.


Choose your Preferred Partner

EVO:RAIL delivers a complete all-in-one appliance solution with hardware, software and support through qualified EVO:RAIL partners, allowing customers choose their preferred brand from partners they trust.

  • Prescriptive hardware:The EVO:RAIL hyper-converged infrastructure appliance includes the qualified and optimized 2U/4-Node server platform, the EVO:RAIL software integrated onto the server platform, and support for both the hardware and software through the qualified EVO:RAIL partners. Each EVO:RAIL appliance has four independent server nodes with dedicated computer, network, and storage resources, backed by dual redundant power supplies.
  • Select an EVO:RAILall-in-one appliance from your preferred partner. You get a single point of contact during the buying cycle, and a single point of contact for support. EVO:RAIL partners will provide value-added services, software and capabilities over time, so you can choose the best solution for your needs.






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