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VMware vSphere 6.0 GA Available for download & RV Tools Latest Version: 3.7



VMware has made finally VMware vSphere 6.0 Generally Available (GA). After being announced last month, VMware vSphere 6.0 has been finally released and it’s available to download at VMware website

Customized OEM Images are not ready from all the vendors and  looks like only HP is listed at the VMware download site.

Make sure you are checking all the pre-requisites before proceed with upgrades ans most of the Vendor Hardware is not compatible with vSphere 6.0





You can check new configuration maximum values PDF here

vSphere 6 Configuration Maximums and Platform Enhancements

  • 64 hosts per cluster (vSphere 5.x it was 32)
  • 8000 VMs (previously 4000)
  • 480 CPUs (vSphere 5.x it was 320 CPUs)
  • 12 TB of RAM (vSphere 5.x it was 4 TB of RAM)
  • 1024 VMs per host (vSphere 5.x it was 512 VMs).
  • 2048 virtual CPUs per host (4096 in vSphere 5.5)


To speed up the download process, a new free product is available “VMware Software Manager”

  •  Provides an easy to use interface to find, select and download the content needed to install or upgrade a VMware suite
  • Verifies the suite or product was downloaded without corruption
  • Automatically detects the release of new VMware suites, products and versions and displays them for download


VMware Software Manager


RV Tools announced new version 3.7 which is available for download here








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