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New VMware Fling: “ESXi Embedded Host Client”

New free tool (fling) from VMware labs now allows to manage ESXi host via web client without the need of vCenter server. ESXi Free Web client interface (HTML 5 based) allows to manage a host without the need of the legacy C++ Windows client. Remember the old WebAccess interface that came with ESX 2.0, which was a very useful interface that allowed administrators to easily manage their ESX hosts through a web browser that provided basic VM creation, troubleshooting and most importantly initial bootstrap configurations. The utility is bundled as a vib and can be installed on ESXi host via SSH (via Putty for example) without the need to reboot the host. The tool is in It’s early stage of development and not all the features and functions are present yet. But nice work VMware.


What The Host client can do?

  • VM operations (Power on, off, reset, suspend, etc).
  • Creating a new VM, from scratch or from OVF/OVA (limited OVA support)
  • Configuring NTP on a host
  • Displaying summaries, events, tasks and notifications/alerts
  • Providing a console to VMs
  • Configuring host networking
  • Configuring host advanced settings
  • Configuring host services


You can DOWNLOAD this fling here


Thanks “vladanseget” for creating such nice Video for this Fling and you can watch it here:






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