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vSphere Docker Volume Service for Highly-Available Databases

Do we need to learn Docker/Containers? How it’s related to VMware Administrator? I may not have definite answer for this question, but it’s always good to have understanding of Docker/Containers when you work closely with developers/Cloud Native applications. This blog post talks about vSphere Docker Volume Service and how to use the vSphere Docker Volume Service with vSphere storage (vSAN, VMFS or NFS) to create persistent, highly-available Docker Volumes. The demo creates a highly-available database with Postgress DB. vDVS is Docker Certified to use with Docker Enterprise Edition and available in Docker store.



vSphere Docker Volume Service (vDVS) enables customers to address persistent storage requirements for Docker containers in vSphere environments. This service is integrated with Docker Volume Plugin framework. Docker users can now consume vSphere Storage (vSAN, VMFS, NFS) to stateful containers using Docker.


What is the vSphere Docker Volume Service?

vSphere Docker Volume Service enables you to run stateful containerized applications on top of VMware vSphere.

It is designed to meet the needs of Enterprise IT and application developers and offers the following benefits

  • Proven Persistent shared storage You can now use any VMware supported enterprise class storage backed by vSAN, VMFS and NFS
  • Multitenancy, Security and Access Control: vSphere Admins can effortlessly set access permissions for shared storage across hosts, datastores and VMs from a single location
  • Operational Consistency & Simplicity: Zero Configuration, zero credential management. It is easy to deploy and manage
  • Self Service Operations: Use Docker APIs to manage volume lifecycle while maintaining admin control over consumption




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