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Migration Coordinator – VMware NSX-v to NSX-T

VMware now focuses on network virtualization independent from the vendor and no locking. There are more NSX-T deployments in the field but many customers are at older versions of NSX-v who need assistance with the migration plan or strategy to NSX-T. Migration to VMware NSX-T Data Center (NSX-T) is top of mind for customers who are on NSX for vSphere (NSX-V). Migration coordinator is a simple tool that can allow the Administrator to complete this operation without wasting a lot of time for planning and migration. There are two migration plans like parallel or in-place that suits the customer needs and meet the timelines.

In Parallel Migration NSX-T infrastructure is deployed in parallel along with the existing NSX-V based infrastructure. While some components of NSX-V and NSX-T, such as management, could coexist, compute clusters running the workloads would be running on its own hardware. A method that doesn’t require dedicated hardware which is in-pace migration approach. This method uses the NSX-T Data Center’s built-in tool, the Migration Coordinator.

2 Methods for VMware NSX Migration

Migration Coordinator is built into NSX-T Data Center and is available from the NSX-T 2.4 release onwards. It’s accessible from NSX-T Data Center GUI by clicking System -> Migrate. This process is disabled by default because Migration from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center is not an every-day task. Enable the process by running the command, start service migration-coordinator, on NSX-T manager console.

Migration Coordinator

5 Pre-Migration Steps: The following steps are necessary, before starting the Migration Coordinator.

Install NSX-T (Migration Coordinator is a tool built into NSX-T)
Install NSX-T Edges (do not configure)
Provide a TEP pool
Create Compute Manager pointing to the vCenter connected to NSX-V
Ensure NSX-V is in a stable healthy state with no pending changes since no changes are allowed during the migration phase

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