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VMware NSX Service Mesh – Makes SDN Visible

VMware NSX Service Mesh built on the foundation of Istio that will extend the capabilities of the Istio service mesh technology to bring visibility, control, and security at the application layer to microservices, the data they access, the users that interact with them, as well as traditional monolithic applications. In short, NSX Service Mesh will enable visibility, control, and security for services, data, and users at the API level. This acts as a natural evolution of cloud-native constructs and will act as an extension of the NSX-T Data Center platform’s replication of networking and security services in software, which is applied directly to containers via the Container Network Interface (CNI).


VMware’s approach to the mesh service will be unique because while VMware NSX Service Mesh is a standalone product, it will be integrated with the control plane that VMware provides to manage network virtualization overlays based on the NSX Data Center. VMware plan is also to include the data accessed and the users initiating a transaction in the service discovery. NSX Service Mesh will provide a consistent way to monitor and better secure communications for microservices, data, and users across multiple cloud-native platforms.



What is the service mesh?

A service mesh is a language-independent dedicated infrastructure layer aimed at managing security, routing, monitoring and tracing for service-to-service communication (flow of traffic and API calls) while making them visible, manageable and controllable. The range of service mesh solutions is wide and ever expanding with names like Linkerd, Envoy, Conduit, Istio. NSX Service Mesh addresses the problems we encounter in native cloud environments, as it will simplify the incorporation of Kubernetes clusters and federate into multiple Kubernetes clouds and clusters. This will allow it to connect to NSX, creating a unified and intelligent set of policies, network services and visibility tools. Watch this overview video to learn how to reduce debugging time and security risks by gaining granular visibility over your microservices architecture with NSX Service Mesh.



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