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VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension – How it helps?

How to migrate VM from one cluster to another? Yes with certain conditions. Can you migrate VM from one vCenter to another? – possible with certain tweaks. Can you migrate the VM to Cloud? – common answers are, tough to migrate – not safe to run VM in the cloud – there may be an option 🙂  yes answer is VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension. If you are dreaming about migraing VM’s so called workloads between Cloud providers – here is the cool technology to learn. Hybrid Cloud Extension (previously known as VMware HCX technologies) abstracts on-premises and cloud resources and presents them to the apps as one continuous hybrid cloud.


Hybrid Cloud Extension provides high-performance, secure and optimised multi-site interconnects. The abstraction and interconnects create infrastructure hybridity. Over this hybridity, Hybrid Cloud Extension facilitates secure and seamless app mobility and disaster recovery across on-premises vSphere platforms and VMware Clouds. Hybrid Cloud Extension is a multi-site, multi cloud service, facilitating true hybrid cloud. The migration service is metered per VM per migration. Hybrid Cloud Extension Instance is mandatory for VM migration. Customers can subscribe to Hybrid Cloud Extension Service for on-going hybrid inter-connectivity across on-premises and cloud. Two components to pay the pricing – vCenter server & VM. Customers are billed monthly for the hybrid cloud extension instances and number of VMs migrated. Each VM migration event is charged separately and metered on the destination site. Customers have up to 1 year from the start of the VM migration to complete it. vCenter is charged $3000 monthly at each, source and destination sites & $180 per VM.


How does it look in real time?


VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension is a SaaS offering that provides application mobility and infrastructure hybridity across different vSphere versions, on-premises and in the cloud. Hybrid Cloud Extension offers bi-directional application landscape mobility and data center extension capabilities between any vSphere version. Hybrid Cloud Extension includes vMotion, Bulk Migration, High Throughput Network Extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN with Strong Encryption (Suite B) and secured data center Interconnectivity with built-in hybrid abstraction and hybrid interconnects. Hybrid Cloud Extension enables cloud on-boarding without retrofitting source infrastructure, supporting migration from vSphere 5.0+ to VMware Cloud on AWS without introducing application risk and complex migration assessments. They have partnership with IBM, AWS & OVH which makes this process smoother.


Hybrid Cloud Extension is designed for the following use cases:

Extend on-premises data center to the cloud.

Use cloud resources as if applications are running locally.

Modernize IT infrastructure.

Bulk migrate workloads from older vSphere environments to a full SDDS IaaS.

“Lift and shift” applications to the cloud without any change to design, IP, or MAC address.

Design applications to span private and public clouds and migrate as needed.

Enable disaster recovery to the cloud and from cloud to cloud.


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