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vCloud Availability [vCAv 3.0] for vCloud Director

Nowadays it’s hard to remember the product names from VMware as they grow stronger in multiple technology areas like SDDC, SDN, Cloud & Security 🙂 Honestly speaking I’m trying to make my notes by writing this blog post so that I won’t forget some product names while I speak with the end customers. VMware vCloud Availability is a powerful solution built to offer simple, secure, and cost-effective onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services “to” or “between” multi-tenant VMware clouds. I don’t know if this is supported across multiple clouds (checking the documentation) but for now, it is a good tool for VMware Cloud.


VMware vCloud Availability 3.0 gives VMware Cloud Provider partners a converged way to protect and recover workloads and data and offer a truly flexible workload migration services to and from on-premises resources and between clouds. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the fastest growing segment of the cloud and cloud-based disaster recovery is one of the key segment for cloud services. vCloud Availability 3.0 gives cloud providers the ability to capitalize on that explosive demand. Additionally, as enterprises become more comfortable with a cloud model, it also provides an opportunity to vCPP cloud providers to capitalize on that trend and lift and shift workloads into their vCloud environments. Part of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform, VMware’s new converged availability solution dramatically simplifies cloud onboarding, enables continuous availability and recovery, and delivers business agility to your own customers. Please find the Cloud Architecture deployment model.



VMware vCloud Availability Address below challenges:

Cloud on-boarding and migration: Enterprises are looking for a simpler, easier path for moving targeted workloads off of costly data center resources and into the cloud. Once in the cloud, they want both workload protection against cloud site failure and the ability to move their workloads between different clouds for security and compliance purposes. Or in a truly hybrid IT approach, they want to have parts of their applications running on-premises while the components receiving higher traffic get deployed to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Backup & recovery teams are increasingly looking to their cloud providers for help with storage options for routine backup, as well as the assurance that tools and accessibility for a full-scale recovery will be there when needed. It’s no longer practical to manage backups on-premises when more options are available via secure clouds in multiple geographies. Cloud-based disaster recovery is a growing demand.



Finally, the good short video explains about vCAv 3.0  – Introduction to VMware vCloud Availability 3.0, concept and functional value of this solution set. For more information visit:



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