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NSX Cross Cloud Security

On-prem to Public cloud or VMware Cloud communication along with consistent security policies which is a bigger problem but VMware has a solution with the product NSX Cross Cloud Security. I feel cloud & networking are major areas to focus in coming years which VMware taking it seriously. This demo will examine how NSX Data Center and NSX Cloud provide a consistent networking and security policy across on-premises and public cloud environments. As more and more companies embrace the cloud, the cloud IT teams are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that these cloud deployments are secure. Cloud inherently brings in new environments, and these cloud security teams are now faced with ensuring Enterprise security policy consistency across these multiple disparate cloud environments.


VMware NSX Cloud addresses these challenges, offering a common security and micro-segmentation platform across the on-premises and cloud environment. Together with NSX Data Center, it provides a single pane of glass to provision and manages consistent security controls not only for cross-cloud communication but also within each cloud.



Using NSX Cloud enables you to have a single security micro-segmentation policy across your entire hybrid cloud. You can create this security policy based on a rich set of abstractions, e.g., VM names, VM attributes, custom tags etc. As NSX determines group membership dynamically, you do not need to set up security rules at the time of VM deployment. As a security admin, you can create a policy even if the VMs are yet to be deployed by the DevOps teams. As these VMs are deployed, NSX discovers these VMs and dynamically allocates security group membership to each. Hence, security rules are enforced at VM bring up. Furthermore, you do not need to replicate these rules across VPCs / VNETs or even clouds. The same security policy can be applied to your entire cloud deployment (default), hence as VMs move from on-premise to cloud, there is no change in the security posture.



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