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Kubernetes on BOSH for the Enterprise

What’s BOSH? It’s open-source software designed to provision and manage large distributed systems. Think VM build tool, plus configuration management, mix in health management and logging, all sprinkled with expert opinions. It’s powered Pivotal Cloud Foundry for years, and helps Pivotal customers create consistent environments that are self-healing and updated with zero downtime. Kubernetes and BOSH are key open source technologies in Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Here is an overview of KuBO whichexplains how operators can deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters on vSphere at scale with BOSH.


Kubo delivers a highly-available, BOSH-managed Kubernetes environment. On the roadmap is the ability to provision dedicated clusters through a Cloud Foundry service broker. Developers will simply type “cf create-service kubernetes” in the CLI and get a dedicated cluster. Today, BOSH builds out a highly-available Kubernetes environment (i.e. multiple masters and workers, and cluster of etcd nodes), and keeps it running. This works wherever Pivotal Cloud Foundry is installed: on-premises in OpenStack or vSphere, or in public IaaS like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or AWS. Pivotal Cloud Foundry now delivers unified lifecycle management for whichever cloud runtime abstraction our customers choose.



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