vCenter Architecture

Architectural changes to vCenter server in vSphere 6

vCenter Server 6 has some fundamental architectural changes compared to vCenter Server Server 5.5. The multitude of components that existed in vCenter Server 5.x has been consolidated in vCenter Server 6 to have only two components vCenter Management Server and Platform Services Controller, formerly vCenter Server Single Sign-On. The Platform Services Controller (PSC) provides a…


VMware: Data Center & Cloud Management – Introduction

I covered Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Cloud options from VMware in my other post here Let us learn couple of more new offerings from VMware today. VMware: Data Center & Cloud Management 1) vRealize Suite 2) vRealize Operations Insight 3) vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center)   vRealize Suite: VMware vRealize Suite is…


You know V-Motion & Storage V-Motion, How about xVC-vMotion, LD-vMotion & ExVC-vMotion?

V-Motion feature from VMware is Industry revolution feature which allowed Customers to migrate the workload from one Host to another Host Later we got a chance to play with Storage by using Storage V-Motion. So VMware leftover with couple of other boundaries like Network (Layer 2), other Data Center and other vCenter Server …. Let…