Snapwatcher Tool For VMware Snapshots Management

VMware Administrators – How are you taking backups for your Virtual Machines?  Still using Traditional Server-client agent based Technology? As technology transformed to next level, even backup solutions are got transformed. Snapshot level backups are new solution provided by most of leading Vendors like Symantec – Net Backup, IBM Tivoli, EMC, Veeam, Dell, Unitrends … etc…


VMware Real Time Scenario 10

  Question:   How do you troubleshoot P2V Failure Issues in your Infrastructure? (P2V = Physical to Virtual) Answer:      There is lot of discussion about which Physical server is good candidate for VMware Infrastructure like Exchange, SQL or Cluster … etc Interviewer also show interest to hear from you that, how you judge which…


EVO:RAIL Fundamentals Free Course

You can check my first post about EVO:RAIL here and below online video course helps you to understand more about this product. Objectives: At the end of this course, you should be able to: – Explain the primary purpose of EVO:RAIL. – Explain the initial deployment of EVO:RAIL. – Explain the process of managing a virtual…